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Well hey Tumblr. You kind of got forgotten about for, like, a year now, but I really want to come back. I miss having a chronicle of my life, something to turn back to, and a community of people to talk to.

So since I left…

I graduated high school and went to college, where I’m majoring in Mass Comm & Anthropology and minoring in German and Art. Yes, all four. I’m crazy. And very uncharacteristically, I joined a sorority. I know. Me. A sorority. What the heeeeeeck. But I wanted something similar to what I had in Germany with CBYX - a group of friends to stand by me through all my triumphs and all my tears. Anyways, it’s a pretty boring, average life as always.

Hopefully I can get back in the tumblr swing of things quickly.

i just had a massive What Not to Wear moment with my mom

I literally purged her entire closet with Clinton’s sass and Stacey’s cruelty. To say the least, it was a blast.

I’ve missed being a fashion junkie.


Neck Deep- Over and Over


Couples dancing in the street in Paris, 1950s.


Hidden treasures